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Name Title Email / Phone Office Hourssort descending
O'Neal, Michael Part-Time Lecturer by appointment, before and after class
Swersky, Alia Part-time Lecturer
By Appointment
Daugherty, Katie Student Assistant
Cakpo, Etienne Kawasaki Guest Artist by appointment
Korn, Steve Photographer
Woo, Warren Photographer, Videographer
Lee, Mary Ann Musician
Griffin, Molly Graduate Student, Department of Dance
Gallegos, Yebel Graduate Student, Department of Dance
Dugdale, Alex Part-Time Lecturer
Hughes, JoanMarie Part-Time Lecturer
Curtis, Jeff Part-Time Lecturer
Parker, Sarah Lee Part-Time Lecturer
By appointment
Haim, Mark Part-Time Lecturer by appointment
Blake, Joseph “jo” Part-Time Lecturer
Taqi, Syed Part-Time Lecturer by appointment
Narasimhan, Shannon Affiliate Assistant Professor by appointment
Tirrell, Dani Part-Time Lecturer by appointment
Lincoln, Rachael Assistant Professor
(206) 543-4178
Meany 255
Monday, Wednesday 2:00-2:30p
Alexander, Alethea Acting Assistant Professor
Mondays 2:15-3:15 (and by appointment)
Moreland, Jenifer Administrator
Meany 256
Salk, Jennifer Associate Professor and Department of Dance Chair, Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professor
(206) 543-5594
Meany 256A
by appointment
Kwak, Lisa Administrative Assistant Meany 257
Canaday, Kelly Director of Student Services & Program Operations
(206) 543-9843
Meany 258
Mon 9-4, Tues 10-5, Wed Off, Thur 10-5, Friday 8-3
McMains, Juliet Ph.D., Professor
(206) 616-0931
Meany 260
by appointment
Wiley, Hannah Professor
(206) 543-7536
Meany 262
Wednesday 12:30-1:30p
Lawson, Brian Graduate Student, Department of Dance
(914) 393-8851
Meany 59J
Monday 4-5pm
Chiesa, Sarah Lisette Graduate Student, Department of Dance
(646) 330-7217
Meany 59J
Evans, Brian J Graduate Student, Department of Dance
(507) 381-5844
Meany 59J
Friday 9-10am
Madera, Marte Graduate Student, Department of Dance Meany 59J
Fridays 8:45am -9:45am
Baker, Lucie Part-Time Lecturer
Meany 59J
Tuesday 8-9am
Nickel, Adele Part-Time Lecturer
Meany 59J
Bracilano, Peter Production Manager
(206) 543-5910
MNY 259
Moore, Paul Music Director, Part-Time Lecturer MNY 261
by appointment