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Awards and Honors

The Department of Dance faculty, students and alumni continue to shine on campus and in their field. Congratulations to the following for their achievements and distinction.

Department of Dance Scholarships Awarded 2023

Evelyn H. Green Endowed Scholarship: Maisy Neill          
The purpose of this award is to honor the work of a student who shows artistic promise by providing financial support during their final year of study. This endowed scholarship hopes to free the student who receives the award from the financial pressures of attending school in an effort to allow them to concentrate on their craft.
Department of Dance Scholarship: Taara Elahi 
This scholarship is awarded to a student who embodies the Department of Dance mission of recognizing the art of dance as the confluence of theory, practice and creativity.

Mary Aid de Vries Endowed Scholarship: Kaitlyn Pitts and Char Hertel 
The Mary Aid De Vries endowed scholarship honors the work of a dance major entering their final year of study at the UW who has demonstrated merit and also provided service to the Department of dance. Mary Aid De Vries served the UW as a member of the Modern Dance faculty from 1921 through 1963 and was a national authority on dance education.
James Vamenta Fesalbon Endowed Dance Scholarship: Frankie Luong 
This award encourages and supports academically meritorious students with demonstrated financial need who otherwise might not consider dance as a career path, who have overcome adversity, or who have had little dance experience prior to attending college to major in Dance.

Dance Student Association Scholarship: 
Every year, DSA gives out scholarships to students for their involvement with and service to the UW Department of Dance.
Summer Study Scholarship:
Awarded to dance majors who have at least one more year of study to assist with tuition and other expenses related to attendance at summer dance workshops.
For a history of winners of Department of Dance/Dance Program Scholarships, click here.

University Awards won by Department of dance students

President's Medalist:

(2020)  Louis Patsawee Maliyam, BS 2020

Dean's Medalist in the Arts: 
Husky 100: 
Mary Gates Research Scholarship 
  • (2022) Olivia Anderson, BA 2023
  • (2018) Aiyi Valerie Huang, BA 2018 
  • (2018) Hannah Moujing, BA 2018 

Faculty & Staff Awards

Jen Salk Associate Professor and Chair 

  • Floyd & Delores Jones Endowed Chair in the Arts 2015 - 2018

  • Donald E. Peterson Endowed Professor 2018 - 2021

Hannah Wiley Professor 

  • 2017 NEA Artworks grant for $10,000 to present work by Harald Kreutzberg 
  • 2018 Kreielsheimer Research Grant
  • Timeless Award, awarded to Distinguished UW Alumni for timeless achievements 

Juliet McMains Professor 

  • 2018 Kreielsheimer Travel Grant
  • 2018 SmART Ventures Grant, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
  • 2017-18 Simpson Center for the Humanities Conferences and Colloquia Grant
  • 2017 Erasmus + Erasums Munus Grant for Visiting Scholars 
  • 2016 Research Mentorship Award 

Rachael Lincoln Assistant Professor 

  • 2017 Seattle Dance Crush Award for An Attic and Exit 
  • 2018 Kreielsheimer Research Grant 

Alethea Alexander Acting Assistant Professor

  • 2018 Kreielsheimer Research Grant
  • 2018 John and Joyce Price Award of Excellence for collaboration with Anna Mlasowsky on Chorus of One 

Mark Haim Part-time Lecturer

  • 2018 Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship
  • 2019 CityArtist Grant by the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs 
  • 2020 USArtist Fellowship Nomination 

Dani Terrell Part-time Lecturer 

  • 2018 Dance Crush Award for Black Bois 

Kelly Canaday Advisor & Program Manager

  • 2018 Distinguished Staff Award

Department of Dance Alumni Awards 

  • Fausto Rivera BA ‘13 & Cheryl Delostrinos BA ‘13: 2018 Dance Crush Award for their choreography and performance of Tequila con Miel y Limon
  • Angel Langley, BA ‘16: 2018 Arc Fellowship from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
  • Tonya Locker, BA ‘08, MFA ‘10: 2018 Velocity Dance Center Dance Champion

     to honor the phenomenal success of her 7-year tenure as Velocity Dance Center’s executive director. Read more here

Share Your Success

If you are a student, alumna/alumnus, or faculty member of the Dance Program who has been recognized for achievements in dance, please email us so we may include you on our site.