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Where Do I Begin? (FAQ)

Where do I begin at the Department of Dance?

Welcome to the Department of Dance! Whether you are brand new to dance or have years of experience, whether you are a prospective UW student or a graduating senior, the Department of Dance is excited you are here and hopes that dance can be a part of your learning journey while at the UW! 

Frequently Asked Questions... 

Where are the Department of Dance offices and studios located?

The Department of Dance Studios and its offices are located on the Upper Level (UL) of  Meany Hall. Visit the Contact us page to view a map and directions.

How do I enroll in a dance class at the UW? 

UW students may register for classes that they meet the prerequisites for through MyPlan. If a student has previous experience that is equivalent to the prerequisites listed in MyPlan, they may email the dance advisor at with a brief description of their experience and a request to be registered. 

Are there auditions to take a class or to get into the major or minor?

There are no auditions to get into dance classes at the UW; however, during the first week of the quarter, course instructors may advise students to move to a different level that better supports their success and safety. (Changes in registration during the first week of the quarter incur no additional fees. The Dance Advisor can help navigate options for placement adjustments. To learn more about the technique placement criteria see below.)

There is no audition to get into the dance major or minor. See How to Apply.

Prospective students may have the opportunity to experience a class by setting up an appointment with the dance advisor. See How to Apply.

How do I get an add code for a dance course I want to take? 

Many Department of Dance classes have major, minor, or freshman, and sophomore priority during the registration period 1. Email to request an exception to a  registration restriction (e.g., if you are a first-year undergraduate but you are a junior by credit).

Provide the following details with any registration request:

  • Your full name & student ID number
  • The course number & SLN of the course that interests you; and
  • A brief (2-3 sentences) summary of why you are requesting an exception to the registration restrictions.

If there is room in the class and you have the requisite experience, the department’s Academic Advisor will provide you with information on the next steps for registration.

The dance class I want to take is full. How do I get in?

Before classes start, students interested in the course may monitor registration as space can often open up before the class begins. On the first day of class, students still unable to register may show up and ask the instructor if there is an available opportunity to join the class. Once classes begin, add codes and other registration exceptions require the approval of the course instructor. The department does not maintain registration waitlists. If there is a waitlist offered, it will be maintained directly by the instructor at their own discretion.   

Picking a Practice/Technique Course Level

The Department of Dance offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced level practice/ technique courses. Please note that the number listed on the dance course does not necessarily correspond to the difficulty level.

Beginner-friendly classes:  

Classes that do not require any previous dance experience include: 

  • Dance 102: Introduction to Contemporary Modern Dance
  • Dance 103: Introduction to Ballet
  • Dance 117: Commercial Dance 
  • *Dance 125: Beginning Tap
  • *Dance 236: Salsa and Afro-Caribbean Social Dance 
  • *Dance 238: Swing Dance
  • *Dance 239: Tango 
  • *Dance 240: Street and Club Dances 
  • *Dance 286: Special Topics in Street and Club Dances
  • *Dance 280: African Dance Techniques
  • *Dance 287: Capoeira 

Courses marked with an *asterisk are mixed beginning-level technique classes. There is no prerequisite, but some students may have more experience than others. 

Other beginner-level dance classes:

These courses assume some – though minimal – previous dance experience including basic familiarity with dance steps and terminology (see Practice/ Technique Placement Criteria below).

  • Dance 104/105/106, Beginning Contemporary Modern I
  • Dance 107/108/109, Beginning Contemporary Ballet  I 

Intermediate/ Advanced Classes: 

New UW students who have experience in dance should email the dance advisor to register for intermediate and advanced dance technique courses. The advisor will help students to determine which dance class is appropriate for initial registration. 

Practice/ Technique Placement Criteria

How to Advance in Practice/ Technique Levels

Most students may plan on taking technique at the same level for a full year (or three quarters). A student with questions about their technique level and registering for the following quarter should chat about options with their current technique instructor.

Dress Codes for Practice/ Technique Courses 

There is no formal dress code for Department of Dance classes. 

We do ask that students…

  • Dress in comfortable clothing that is easy to move in
  • Secure longer hair back and away from the face (out of your eyes)
  • Avoid fixing hair inside the studio to try to minimize fallen hair on the floor
  • Cover legs to prevent moisturizers, natural body oils, and sweat from collecting on the floor and creating a slip hazard. 
  • Use fragrance-free products (lotions, perfumes, etc) while using the studios and locker rooms. 

Appropriate foot attire and other dress codes will vary by class and instructor. For general guidelines, see below. 

Practice/Technique Genre


African Dance

Bare Feet (But May Vary)

Contemporary Ballet

Ballet Slippers, Socks


Bare Feet 


Bare Feet, Jazz Shoes, Character Shoe/Heel

Contemporary Modern

Socks, Bare Feet 

Salsa/ Ballroom/Tango

Dance Shoes with Suede or Leather Soles

Street & Club Dances


Where to change and keep clothes/items during class: 

Please see Locker Policies.

How can I get involved in a dance-related student group? 

See this list of dance organizations that are on campus including department-affiliated and nonaffiliated student-led groups. You can also use the Husky Registered Student Organization (RSO) website to search for dance-related student groups on campus. 

Are there dance classes besides ballet and modern?

Yes, the Department of Dance offers dance classes in a variety of forms, and students are encouraged to try new dance forms, even if they do not have much experience! You can view a list of the Dance Practice/Technique Courses.