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Salsa II Placement Criteria

Criteria for Placement into Salsa II: Dance 336, Intermediate Salsa Technique

Note: names for salsa moves are not standardized, so you don’t need to know this naming system of the moves. All that matters is that you have familiarity with these or similar moves.  

  1. Be able to dance on-time in the salsa on-2 (modern NY style) rhythm by oneself and with a partner.
  2. Familiarity and comfort dancing common shines, such as: 
    • Suzi Q
    • Cross points
    • Drunken Suzi
    • Polanco
    • Spiral
    • Half Swing
    • Full Swing
    • Diamond step
    • Slide
    • Grapevine 
  3. Be able to dance balanced and on-time connected with a partner to lead/initiate and interpret/follow common turn patterns, including: 
    • Spot turn to R
    • Left turn
    • Cross body lead
    • Cross body lead with inside turn
    • Wrapped/checked cross body lead
    • Open break to double inside turn
  4. Familiarity with following hand variations:
    • Hammerlock
    • Arm tosses
    • Illusion turns 
    • Pizza turns