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Chamber Dance Company Archive

For over 30 years, the Chamber Dance Company has worked to identify, produce, and archive modern and contemporary dance works of artistic significance that have rarely or never been seen by Northwest audiences. CDC has performed and recorded over 125 dances from over 70 choreographers, created between 1895 and 2023.  

When a re-staging of a dance work on the Chamber Dance Company is in process, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute sponsors a course focusing on CDC, and any UW students are welcome to watch rehearsals.

" takes a special kind of obsession to keep looking backward while the rest of the dance world hurtles ahead. Which is part of the what makes the project that Hannah Wiley and the University of Washington Chamber Dance Company run so special." — Sandra Kurtz, Seattle Weekly

Chamber Dance Company Choreographers 

A list of choreographers and the works they staged on CDC are available online.


CDC’s founder and long-time Artistic Director, Professor Hannah Wiley, has published twelve documentaries that contextualize specific choreographers and their work. These documentaries are available for viewing online and can be found in university libraries around the world. 

Performance Footage

Videos of most works performed by CDC are also available for research in the Chamber Dance Company Archive housed in the Drama Library in Hutchinson Hall.