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Hannah Wiley

Hannah Wiley

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(206) 543-7536
Meany 262
Office Hours: 
Wednesday 12:30-2pm in Studio 266


M.A., Dance and Dance Education, New York University
B.A., Drama, University of Washington, 1973

Hannah is founding artistic director of the Chamber Dance Company. She held the Floyd & Delores Jones Endowed Chair in the Arts from 2011 to 2014, and was awarded a Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professorship in 2003. After serving on the faculty at Mount Holyoke College for 10 years, Hannah joined the UW faculty in 1987. She has created twelve documentaries about choreography by Michio Ito, Dore Hoyer, Mary Wigman, Joseph Gifford, Eve Gentry, Bebe Miller, Tandy Beal, Jean Erdman, Doris Humphrey, Shapiro & Smith, Joe Goode and Lucinda Childs. Her research has been published in Dance Research Journal, Graduate Research Journal, Foot and Ankle, Impulse and Chronicle of Higher Education.

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