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Lincoln and Seiters, "an attic an exit"  photo RJ Muna
Here at SeattleDances, we want to do everything we can to support dance happening in Seattle. We write previews, reviews, and editorials. We host the most comprehensive dance calendar in the city. Last year we organized a free press workshop for artists and began our monthly Dance CHAT program to facilitate dialogue around Seattle dance. We see it, write about it, and talk about it. It seems fair... Learn more»
Dance Alum Monique Courcy is Executive Director of TeenTix
Today we are so thrilled to share that Monique Courcy will join us in October as our new Executive Director!  Monique grew up in the Yakima valley before earning a BFA in Dance from the University of Washington and an MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University. She has spent the last six years working at TeenTix partner organization On the Boards, where she manages Digital Media and... Learn more»
UW Dance Alum, Gabri Christa is a BUSY woman!
Happy Summer, Hope this finds you well and that you and yours are healthy and happy. I recently promised a dear friend to send out more newsletters as she is not on social media. So here some hight lights of 2016 at this mid point, and some upcoming events in the near future.  I try to keep it short, but it has been a full year already. FILMWe, my collaborator Hester Jonkhout and myself are... Learn more»
MFA Alum Amy Chavasse
Hometown: Raleigh, NC Current city: Ann Arbor, MI Age: 50s College and degree: University of North Carolina School of the Arts - BFA Graduate school and degree: University of Washington - MFA Website: and ChavasseDance Facebook page How you pay the bills:... Learn more»
Alice Gosti
They have been awarded our “bst” residency in March. What is bst? It stands for” body-space-time.” During the week of March 19-26 Alice and Coleman and his collaborator Ethan will be working in our studios for free to develop ideas and new works. In exchange, they will offer something (TBD) to our undergraduate program at a later date.  See you in the studio! Coleman Pester is a... Learn more»
Dancers from all over the country are returning to Seattle this month to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their alma mater, the University of Washington dance program. “We wanted to showcase the broad range of people and what they’re doing with their degrees,” says program director and associate professor Jennifer Salk. “Some people are in dance. Some people are in academia. Some people are... Learn more»
Ryan Corriston and Stephanie Liapis in Wade Madsen's Embrace  Photo: Steve Korn
While it might not be exactly what one envisions when they think “dance party,” few bashes can compete with the University of Washington’s Opening Doors: 50 Years of Dance at the UW. The anniversary celebration spans five days (October 16–20) and includes performances, classes, panel discussions with alums, film screenings, and more. If you’ve never checked out the artistry of UW dance,... Learn more»
Kyle Craig-Bogard in Loie Fuller's Lily of the Nile  Photo: Steve Korn
In a lofty upstairs studio at Meany Hall, a stager and an assistant are strapping a dancer into her costume: Two 7-foot poles attached to her forearms, then insert into the diameter of a 60 yard circular gown of glowing Chinese silk.
Dance Majors Concert 2014 Photo: Tim Summers
The mothership that is the UW Dance Program is calling its little ones home this October in honor of celebrating the program’s rich history. To commemorate its 50th anniversary, the department is holding a week-long series of events (October 15-20), and alumni and community members from across the country and globe have been invited to join the festivities. The celebration will start with a... Learn more»
Wilson Medieta in Shapiro & Smiths' To Have and to Hold
UW's Chamber Dance Company Celebrates 25 Years as a "Living Museum" for Superb Choreography Dancer Lovers - as opposed to dance scholars - may not quite realize what Seattle has in Chamber Dance Company and its annual performance showcase with the Dance Program at the University of Washington. But former Seattle Times critic Sheila Farr sums it up nicely when she calls it "a living museum of... Learn more»