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Minor in Dance

Declaring a Minor in Dance

Students in good academic standing may declare the minor at any time by meeting with their major adviser. Please see Undergraduate Advising’s Minor page for additional considerations about earning a minor.

Minor Requirements 

To declare a minor in Dance, students must have

  • Earned 45 credits at the University of Washington
  • Declared a major
  • Completed any one of the Dance Department courses listed below 
  • Completed paperwork with their major adviser

To earn a minor in Dance, a student must complete 25 credits of course work in the Dance Department. 

Academic Coursework (10 credits)

Dance Technique Coursework (15 credits):

Δ online course
* classes can count as either academic or technique
¶ offered every other year 
++space for minors limited, based on major demand-contact advisor for more information