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Minor in Dance

Dance Minor Requirements 

Minimum of 25 total credits.

Academic Coursework 

Minimum of 10 credits

Dance Practice/ Technique Coursework 

(Minimum of 15 credits)

* classes can count as either academic or technique

++space for minors limited, based on major demand-contact advisor for more information

What is the difference between “Academic” and “Practice/Technique” courses? 

The majority of Department of Dance courses involve multiple modes of engaging in the study of dance, including reading, writing, viewing, discussing, creating, researching, and movement practice. Courses in which more than 50% of the learning is accomplished through movement practice are categorized as “Practice/Technique;” whereas courses in which at least 50% of the learning is accomplished through learning modalities such as reading, writing, creating, and research are categorized as “Academic.” We recognize that the division of our courses into two broad categories is imperfect, as there is much overlap between modes of dance study in courses throughout the curriculum.