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Studio Reservations

Our new online reservation system can be accessed by the following Dance Program users:
Faculty, Graduate Students, Visiting Instructors, and Dance Majors with valid UW NetIDs.

Firefox is the optimal web browser for accessing and viewing the calendars. If you are having trouble logging in, this is the first thing to try.
Dance Minors: email with your reservation requests. Be sure to include your phone number and a brief description of your studio use.

User Instructions for Studio Reservations

Dance Program On-line Space Reservation System
  1. To access the Dance Program on-line reservation system, go to the Dance Program website:
  2. Go to the resources tab and click on the internal links. Click on the "online reservation system" to get to the sign in page. The link will route you to the Office 365 site which is the platform for the on-line reservation system. 
  3. To sign in, enter your UW email address as the username (example: and hit enter.  This will take you to the UW login site, which will ask for your UW NetID and password.  There is no way to avoid this double sign in.
Once in the system:
  • Select the resource you wish to reserve. 
  • Scroll through to the date of your desired reservation to be sure the resource is available. 
  • Click ‘Events’ in the toolbar above the UW logo in the calendar. 
  • Click ‘New Event’ in the dropdown toolbar. 
  • You may alternately use the quick add option by hovering over the desired time on the calendar, clicking "add" and then proceeding with the instructions below.    
  • Fill in the fields using the following specifications: 

▪       Enter the name of the individual responsible for the reservation. (note: if more than one person will be using the studio, please select just one person to be the responsible party. This should be the person who will be picking up and returning the keys.) 
Start time/end time 
▪       Enter the time range of your reservation in the appropriate fields, being sure to check the date. 
▪       Enter in the time range (not the location) of your reservation.  This will allow the exact time to be viewable by all users. 
▪       Include your contact info (phone and email recommended). This allows other users to contact you should there be a schedule conflict. 
▪       Enter information about your activity (ie: rehearsal for DMC or work for Comp class). This helps determine usage priority in case of a conflict.
▪       If your reservation repeats in a consistent pattern, use the ‘Recurrence’ field to reduce your data entry. Make sure to specify an end date or a number of occurrences and click the corresponding blue button. Click ‘OK’ then check the calendar to be certain your reservation is correct.

Studio Reservation Guidelines.

****The priority list and guidelines are currently being revised as of October 2016.  Policies and prioritization is subject to change.

  1. Each user may reserve a studio for a maximum of 4 hours total for a week, no more than twice a week. (exceptions: faculty and dance grads)
  2. Reserve space online before using - even if using last minute.  Rely on the online systems as the "contract" in terms of studio reservations.  The schedules posted outside of 265 are only printed weekly and might not reflect actual reservations. 
  3. Include what you are working on with your name (FDC, Class Prep, Research, etc...).  Include an email and phone number in the description box.
  4. If you are Willing To Share (WTS) please indicate that next to your name.  If you do not see WTS next to a reservation name - DO NOT ask someone to share their space with you.   
  5. Faculty & Grad student changes/deletions should be made as soon as possible to any existing reservations.  If you have problems, contact Kelly for help.
  6. Undergraduate students who need to change and/or delete reservations need to contact Kelly immediately to have these processed.  Failing to do so will result in a warning.  Three failures will result in suspension of studio privileges.
  7. Students and Student Groups can reserve NO MORE than a quarter in advance (bumping privileges are applicable).  Student Group special events that have been approved by your advisor and the faculty, like InFlux or a Milonga, will note be bumped.
  8. Dance Majors may NOT reserve space for students/groups from outside the department without prior consent from the department.  Doing so without consent may result in suspension of reservation privileges. 
  9. There is an order of priority for studio use - those lower on the priority list may be bumped if needed. In case of conflict, it is the responsibility of the "bumper" to contact the "bumpee" at least 48 hours prior to the reservation.  If you need help finding an email or contact information, contact Kelly. 
  10. Keys for studios need to be returned promptly.  Failure to return keys in a timely manner may result in suspension of reservation privileges. 

The priority list is as follows:

  • Dance Program classes and master classes
  • Choreographers working on a Dance Program Concert (not including DSA productions)
  • Dance Program faculty
  • Dance Program graduate students
  • Dance Program Honors
  • Dance majors
  • Dance Student Groups

If you need keys for evening, weekend, and holiday reservations, Kelly in Meany 258.

If you belong to one of the user categories above and are not able to access the site upon entering your UW NetID and password in Firefox, please email Kelly at to be added to the list of users.
Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • UW NetID
  • Dance Program Affiliation (note: you must have already declared your major in Dance to use this online reservation system.)