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Studio Reservations

Meany Hall Department of Dance Studios

Please read the Reservation Policies and Priorities below thoroughly.

Access to view the online studio schedule is available to anyone with a valid UW NetID.

 online studio schedule 

The studios are a valuable resource for the Department of Dance’s teaching, learning, and creative research missions. Studio reservation access is a privilege. The following guidelines are in place to keep the studios clean, safe, and available to our department community. Please be mindful and considerate when making reservations and using the space.  

Policies for Studio Reservation

  • Please familiarize yourself with the Studio Guidelines before making a reservation.
  • Always make your reservation before using a studio. Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible. 
  • Always respect reservations made by others.
  • Changes & cancelations should be made as soon as possible. 
  • Reservations should include: 
    • Your name
    •  A short descriptive title of your activity
    • An estimate of the number of people who will be present
      • Example entry:  "Dubs the Husky, DMC Rehearsal, 10 ppl”
  • If you are willing to share a studio during your reservation, please indicate “WTS” in the title of your reservation.  
  • The Dance Department may update or cancel a reservation in the event of a scheduling conflict. 
    • Reservations will be “bumped” based on priority (see below).
    • The Department will contact the person who made the reservation (via email) in the event of a conflict, change, or cancelation.
  • If you are making a series of repeating reservations...
    • Make sure all future occurrences do not conflict with pre-existing reservations or “No Studio Use” times.
    • Make sure to enter an accurate end date for the event series.  
  • Advance permission from the department is required if a dance major wishes to use their student access to reserve studios on behalf of someone else (e.g., an RSO or an outside group).
  • If your planned activity includes anyone who is not a current UW student or employee, contact for guidance first.

Key Checkout & Studio Access

If you reserve studio space outside of regular building hours, please contact while making your reservation to coordinate building access privileges. 

  • Reservations that require stereo sound will need to check-out a key to access equipment inside studios
  • Keys must be checked out (during regular business hours) before your reservation and returned promptly afterward (next business day). 
  • Contact the Operations Coordinator in Meany 261 or email regarding keys and reservations.  

Studio Reservation Priority

  1. Department of Dance Scheduled Courses (see UW Time Schedule)
  2. “No Studio Use” Times
  3. Dance Department Events & Meetings
  4. Department of Dance concert rehearsals, specifically
    1. Summer – Chamber Dance Company
    2. Autumn – Chamber Dance Company, UW Dance Presents (UWDP)
    3. Winter – UWDP, Dance Majors Concert
    4. Spring – Masters of Fine Arts Concert 
  5. Dance Faculty & Dance MFA Research Activity
  6. Approved Special Events for Department-Affiliated RSOs.
  7. Declared Dance Majors:  Maximum reservation time of four hours per week (each reservation not to exceed two hours). Students with unique schedule needs or questions should contact
  8. Routine Meetings, Rehearsals, etc for Department-Affiliated RSOs
  9. Department of Dance Staff Activities

All Other Potential Users should contact This includes:

  • Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) not affiliated with the Dance Department
  • Other UW Departments and Organizations
  • Off-Campus Individuals and Organizations

"No Studio Use" Times

There are “No Studio Use” times when certain studios (typically 265 and 266) will be unavailable due to live performances in the Meany Studio Theater. Out of respect for fellow performers and in service of a supportive Meany Hall community, all members of the Dance Department are expected to observe and plan around “No Use” times in the studios.

UUFs and Event Monitors

When an event, performance, or other activity will take place in the Meany Dance Studios (MNY 265, 266, 267) and non-UW individuals will be present, event organizers must submit a Use of University Facilities (UUF) request. (Other criteria may also require a UUF request. Event planners should consult the Office of Special Programs website well in advance.)

 As part of UUF review/approval, the department may require organizers to provide the name and contact information for at least one individual who will serve as the on-site event monitor. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to recruit and confirm an appropriate event monitor. The department will not arrange for or compensate an event monitor. However, the department reserves the right to approve (or not approve) any proposed event monitor in light of the experience, knowledge, or abilities deemed necessary to fill that role. 

 The event monitor requirement will always be applied to technical rehearsals and performance-style events in MNY 267 which include (for example) use of the black box curtains, lighting equipment, and risers. Having an event monitor present does not replace the requirement that event organizers must receive advanced training regarding appropriate use of MNY 267 equipment c/o the department Production Manager.

 The following groups of UW personnel are eligible to serve as an event monitor: 

  • Current UW Faculty (Full Time, Part Time, and Affiliate), 
  • Current UW Staff, 
  • Current UW Graduate Students and Academic Student Employees.

The approved event monitor will be:

  • On-site and fully present during the event.
  • Able and willing to enforce compliance with health, safey, and appropriate-use procedures.
  • Aware of and responsible for basic safety measures such as crowd control, evacuation, and contacting emergency services.
  • Able to respond appropriately to health and safety concerns typical of dance, physical activity, and live performances.
  • Sufficiently knowledgeable about safe, appropriate use of the facility and its equipment.
  • Responsible for ensuring facilities and equipment are secure and locked at the end of the event.

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