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The UW Department of Dance offers a dance minor, a dance major that culminates in a Bachelor of Arts degree and dance endorsement. The program also offers a Master of Fine Arts degree program. The program serves approximately 70 undergraduate dance majors, 80 minors, six graduate students, and over 900 non-major students who enroll in dance courses each quarter. The Department of Dance is staffed by six full-time and one emeritus faculty, in addition to a part-time Music Director and Technical Director. The facilities include three large dance studios, an intimate 238 seat studio theatre, and the 1,200 seat Meany Theater.

Mission Statement

The mission of the UW Department of Dance is to educate performers, educators, arts advocates and cultural leaders. At the program’s core lies the recognition of art as the confluence of theory, practice and creativity. With a commitment to respect the individual, the Department of Dance fosters inquiry and engages the community in open-minded exchange.


  • To provide undergraduate students with an excellent liberal arts education that includes the acquisition of skills, rich artistic experiences and scholastic rigor.
  • To provide graduate students with the necessary experience, understanding and proficiencies to excel as dance faculty in institutions of higher learning.
  • To provide faculty with the opportunity and support to pursue their scholarly and/or creative research.
  • To provide a creative and inclusive learning environment in which individual voices may be heard in a spirit of thriving cooperation.


  • Tradition and Innovation: The Department of Dance is committed to studying long-standing art works and theories, while remaining committed to innovation and new ways of understanding.
  • Learning: The Department of Dance is committed to nurturing an instructional environment that stretches the limits of excellence in teaching, art making and scholarship.
  • Diversity and Integrity: The Department of Dance is committed to promoting a responsible educational ethic that respects individual responsibility and personal growth.
  • Creativity: The Department of Dance is committed to fostering a fertile environment for artistic and intellectual exploration.


We, the students, staff, and faculty of the UW Department of Dance, aspire to create a community built on respect, equity, collaboration, and belonging.  We recognize that diversity is essential to the existence and prolificacy of dance, and critical to the creation of a more just and inclusive dance field. By striving to promote an environment welcoming to people of all cultures, races, sexes, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and/or expressions, ages, religions, and economic statuses, we believe creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression can thrive. We humbly acknowledge our fallibility as we work together and strive to make essential changes to our department, university, and larger field of dance.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiatives 

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