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University of Washington Dance-Related Organizations

The Center for Experiential Learning

Volunteering and Experiential Learning can be very rewarding experiences that enable you to make a positive difference in the lives of others, learn more about yourself and your place in the world, and increase your awareness and ability to help solve some of our greatest social challenges. Tutor students in high schools, serve as a mentor to youth, or volunteer with a high school theatre project.

UW Student Dance Clubs

Many Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at the UW bring students together around a common love of dance. These student clubs are great opportunities to make new friends, learn new dance styles, and develop leadership skills. Many dance majors are involved in one or more student dance club, either as officers or members. Below is a list of dance-related student RSOs. Check them out and get involved!

The Arts Diversity Council (ADC)

Our primary purpose is to create a safe space and to provide a network for marginalized students, primarily those of color who are interested in pursuing the arts. Through discussions, we determine adversities and determine how to rectify them.

Aura Dance Company

University of Washington Contemporary/Jazz Company.

UW Dance Student Association (DSA)

The Dance Student Association (DSA) is a registered student organization meant to foster a supportive dance community at the University of Washington. Our mission is to promote and facilitate community within the UW Department of Dance by creating opportunities for peer support and artistic development. We support an active student body that encourages individual and unique forms of expression while achieving a close sense of community composed of students who dance. Every year, the DSA awards scholarships to a few students for their involvement in the UW Department of Dance. Funds are acquired through DSA events and programs and the scholarship amounts vary year to year.

Desi Dhamaka 

Desi Dhamaka is an annual South Asian cultural show to showcase student talent at the University of Washington, held in the prestigious Meany Hall for the Performing Arts. Each year it brings in audiences from all over the Pacific Northwest, from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, BC, and selling out every year. A highly anticipated event, Desi Dhamaka has grown from just one night of exhilarating performances to a weekend of events all surrounding the celebration of South Asian arts and culture.

UW Hip Hop Student Association (UWHHSA)

We seek to foster a network and community of students who are interested in the culture and expansion of hip hop and connect them to the growing scene here in the Northwest. Providing opportunities and support to the NW hip hop community.

Hui Hoaloha ‘Ulana

Translated as "a group woven together in friendship", Hui Hoaloha ʻUlana weaves lifelong bonds amongst students brought together by their love or interest for Hawaiʻi. We invite everyone from the University of Washington community to participate in various social and cultural events, as well as sharing our aloha spirit in Seattle. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a message or browse through our website. Mahalo for stopping by!

Husky Break Club 

Create a breakin community for the b-boys and b-girls at the University of Washington Seattle.

UW Junoon

UW Junoon is an all-girls Bollywood Fusion Dance Team that gives students a platform to showcase their talent in any dance form. UW Junoon is University of Washington's newest all-girls competitive fusion dance team!

UW Kahaani

The Bollywood film industry, the largest in the world, has become an iconic fusion of history and cultures. The rich tradition of Bollywood fusion dance teams at many universities across the country has finally come to the University of Washington! UW Kahaani is the new and rising Bollywood fusion team based in Seattle. From local performances to national competitions, Kahaani explores international styles of dance to expand the exhilaration, love, and zest of Hindi film dance.


THE KOMPANY is The University of Washington's first and only K-Pop dance company. We specialize in dance cover videos, performances, original choreographies, and dance workshops. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our videos and events!

Dance Marathon at the University of Washington

We are UW students united by one mission – to help sick and injured kids at Seattle Children’s get the care they need. Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a student-led, year-round philanthropic movement, uniting students from 400 campuses across the United States and Canada in raising critical funds for their local children’s hospital. When you join this empowering movement, you're equipped to change kids' health to change the future. As student leaders, we spend a year learning invaluable leadership and life skills while raising funds and interacting with Seattle Children's patients and families.

Natya UW

Natya UW is the University of Washington's premier Indian Classical dance team. Throughout the years, Natya’s mission has been to make Indian classical dance fun, exciting, and accessible to audience members by incorporating elements of the dance’s traditional styles as well as contemporary Western culture. Natya UW has been praised for invoking a sense of awe from the beauty of our intricate hand and foot movements while portraying ancient stories from Indian mythology. Natya UW has given over 100 performances that have ranged from talent competitions to cultural shows, and has won numerous national awards at collegiate dance competitions. We hope that our performance excites our audience and enables them to gain a greater appreciation for Indian classical dance, but most importantly, a greater sense of curiosity for the diverse world we live in.

UW Raas 

Our mission is to present and increase appreciation of Gujarati culture at UW and the surrounding communities through dance. This competitive dance team is dedicated to learning and performing the folk dance of Garba/Dandiya Raas from Gujarat.

Salsa Club at UW

Salsa Club promotes community on campus through salsa and bachata dance and history lessons. We also have quarterly dance socials. 

Swing Kids at UW 

Swing Kids at UW seeks to teach swing dancing, provide a social network, foster creativity, and encourage a love for dancing.

UW Tango Club

PURPOSE: To facilitate a community of argentine tango dancers at the University of Washington and encourage learning and improvement in both new and experienced dancers with the goal of stimulating a young tango community in Seattle, and uniting a group of avid tango dancers. We will accomplish this by holding weekly beginners Practicás and at least yearly Milongas. These events will be used to help build connections to the Seattle tango community and become a uniting leader in the national student tango community. It is most important that we aspire to create a welcoming and creative environment for dancers of all skill levels. 

Traditional Chinese Dance at UW (TCDUW)

The purpose of TCDUW is to build a community of passionate dancers by providing an inclusive, supporting, and energizing environment for students to learn diverse ethnic Chinese dance styles. TCDUW aims to spread Chinese culture in the UW and Seattle communities through various performances, events, and workshops.