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People - Full Directory

Name Title Email / Phone Office Hours
Alexander, Alethea Acting Assistant Professor
Mondays 2:15-3:15 (and by appointment)
Baker, Lucie Part-Time Lecturer By appointment
Bracilano, Peter Production Manager
(206) 543-5910
MNY 259
Cakpo, Etienne Part Time Lecturer by appointment
Canaday, Kelly Director of Student Services & Program Operations
(206) 543-9843
Meany 258
Mon 8-3, Tues 11-5, Wed Off, Thur 11-5, Friday 8-3
Chapman, Rachel Part-Time Lecturer
Denny 236
Monday & Wednesdays: 3-3:30 right after class and 3:30-5pm by appointment.
Chiesa, Sarah Lisette Graduate Student, Department of Dance
(646) 330-7217
Meany 59J
Curtis, Jeff Part-Time Lecturer
Daniels, Kathryn "Kitty" Part-Time Lecturer by appointment
Daugherty, Katie Student Assistant
Dugdale, Alex Part-Time Lecturer
Evans, Brian J Graduate Student, Department of Dance
(507) 381-5844
Meany 59J
Friday 9-10am
Gallegos, Yebel Graduate Student, Department of Dance Meany 59J
WINTER QUARTER: Wednesday 2-3pm
Griffin, Molly Graduate Student, Department of Dance
Korn, Steve Photographer
Kwak, Lisa Administrative Assistant Meany 257
Lawson, Brian Graduate Student, Department of Dance
(914) 393-8851
Meany 59J
Monday 4-5pm
Lincoln, Rachael Assistant Professor
(206) 543-4178
Meany 255
Monday, Wednesday 2:00-2:30p
Madera, Marte Graduate Student, Department of Dance Meany 59J
Fridays 8:45am -9:45am
McMains, Juliet Ph.D., Professor
(206) 616-0931
Meany 260
by appointment
Moore, Paul Music Director, Part-Time Lecturer MNY 261
by appointment
Moreland, Jenifer Administrator
Meany 256
Narasimhan, Shannon Affiliate Assistant Professor by appointment
O'Neal, Michael Part-Time Lecturer by appointment, before and after class
Salk, Jennifer Associate Professor and Department of Dance Chair, Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professor
(206) 543-5594
Meany 256A
by appointment
Tirrell, Dani Part-Time Lecturer by appointment
White, Ben Part-Time Lecturer by appointment
Wiley, Hannah Professor
(206) 543-7536
Meany 262
Wednesday 12:30-1:30p
Woo, Warren Photographer, Videographer