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Elana Skeers

Class of 2023
Applied Mathematics (minor)
Data Science (minor)
Elana Skeers


Elana Skeers is originally from Southern California but loves living in the Pacific Northwest and considers Seattle home. She is graduating with College Honors and a BA in Dance with minors in Applied Mathematics and Data Science. She has made the most of her time at the UW by participating in 10 Department of Dance performances, holding leadership roles for the Dance Student Association and as an Interdisciplinary Honors Peer Educator, as well as studying abroad in Rome, Italy. Her post-graduation plans include pursuing dance in Seattle by dancing with the Chamber Dance Company for their next season and continuing to teach dance at the American Dance Institute.

What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

My favorite memories of my time in the Department of Dance were all the in between community building moments chatting, laughing, and bonding with the faculty, staff, grad students, and my friends.

What plans or goals do you have for post-graduation?

Exploring dance opportunities in Seattle and teaching dance at American Dance Institute.