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The Department of Dance at the University of Washington, housed in Meany Hall for the Performing Arts, offers a dance major, dance minor and a highly competitive and innovative M.F.A. program. The undergraduate program serves up to 40 dance majors, 90 minors, seven graduate students, and over 1,000 non-major students who enroll in dance courses each quarter.
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About body–space–time: This program is designed to support local dance artists by offering the gift of space and time during the Dance Program’s “off” times, when formal classes are not in...
The moment Bruce McCormick was first moved to dance, the dancers hardly moved at all. “I remember just looking up and all the dancers all looked so tall and were smiling and I was completely in awe...
As a professional dancer, Joseph Blake spent 15 years traveling the country and telling stories through movement. While he loved the creative aspects of his job, he eventually found the constant...

Upcoming Performances

Mark Haim's English Suite no. 2,January 2016
Meany Studio Theatre // Jan 24 to Jan 28
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Dance Majors Concert 2014
Meany Studio Theatre // Feb 28 to Mar 4
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MFA Dance Concert 2015, Jason Ohlberg, Chor. PHoto: Tim Summers
Meany Studio Theatre // May 16 to May 20
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