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The Department of Dance at the University of Washington, housed in Meany Hall for the Performing Arts, offers a dance major, dance minor and a highly competitive and innovative M.F.A. program. The undergraduate program serves up to 40 dance majors, 90 minors, seven graduate students, and over 1,000 non-major students who enroll in dance courses each quarter.
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In July, certified notator Leslie Rottman worked with the Chamber Dance Company to notate Joseph Gifford's The Pursued. The notation project was made possible with a generous grant by Lois...
The board of Dance Educators Association of Washington announced the recipient of the 2018 Dance Educator of the Year Award: Shannon Barnes.  Shannon Barnes is a dance teaching artist and arts...
As a UW freshman, James Fesalbon opted for what he considered a practical course of study: pharmacy. When the stress of his coursework left him in need of an outlet, he signed up for a dance class....

Upcoming Performances

Adele Nickel in Katema by Lucinda Childs
Meany Hall for the Performing Arts // Oct 11 to Oct 14
The Chamber Dance Company’s 2018 concert, Unspoken, addresses matters that are expressed most poignantly with movement––these voiceless works speak fully and deeply through the art of dance... Learn more»
Meany Hall for the Performing Arts // Jan 25 to Jan 27
The UW Department of Dance presents its annual Faculty Dance Concert, showcasing original work by nationally and internationally recognized faculty members Rachael Lincoln, Dr. Juliet McMains,... Learn more»
Meany Studio Theatre // Mar 6 to Mar 10
The Dance Majors Concert features new work from undergraduate 
choreographers and dancers. This concert combines immersive sound, innovative set and costume designs, and performances by emerging,... Learn more»