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James Vamenta Fesalbon
As a UW freshman, James Fesalbon opted for what he considered a practical course of study: pharmacy. When the stress of his coursework left him in need of an outlet, he signed up for a dance class. And then another, and another. By 1994, he had declared a dance major and performedin several UW concerts. After graduation, Fesalbon worked as a professional dancer. He later joined the staff of UW’s Meany Center for Performing Arts—home to some of his performances as a student. In 2008 he began... Read more
Jiaqi “Kyki” Li
Watch Kyki Li move across a dance floor and you know you’re seeing something special. An international student from China, Kyki brings power, grace, and thoughtful reflection to her art—and all other parts of her life. During her time at the UW, Kyki has completed two majors, pursued dance research, been a writing tutor, participated in study abroad programs, and performed in many dance concerts. Li graduated in June 2018 with a BA in Dance and Anthropology. “Everything I learned over the past... Read more
Spinning Mambo Into Salsa recently interviewed Professor Juliet McMains about her latest book, Spinning Mambo into Salsa: Caribbean Dance in Global Commerce, a history of salsa and mambo dancing in the U.S. This exclusive and informative interview can be found ... Read more
Kelly Canaday
Kelly Canaday, Adviser and Program Manager for Dance, has been awarded the Distinguished Staff Award in the UW's Annual Awards of Excellence. This prestigious award honors members of the UW community for their achievements in teaching, mentoring, and service to the public and the University. The University of Washington values the diverse and indispensable contributions of its 19,000 classified and professional staff. The Distinguished Staff... Read more
Lisa Kwak
Graduating senior Lisa Kwak (B.A. International Studies and Dance, 2018) has been selected for two UW Dean's Medals in the Social Sciences and Arts Divisions.  About her UW dance experience, Lisa says, "I'm especially proud to receive the Dean's Medal as a dance major. Studying dance at the UW has not only made me a stronger thinker and athlete, but it has also helped me find purpose and meaning in my life. The community of students and faculty in the Department of Dance have been a joy to work... Read more