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photo of Colege and Arts & Sciences article, "Cool Courses in the Arts"
The College of Arts & Sciences has highlighted select courses in the Arts that will be offered in the spring quarter. Students looking for courses to take should consider these recommendations. ( See Here: Cool Courses in the Arts, Spring Quarter 2019) Highlighted courses may help... Read more
Brian J. Evans
One of our first year MFA candidates, Brian J. Evans stars in a stunning video and article entitled, "Dance to Freedom," by his alma mater, Gustavus Adolphus College.  "I was asked to be a part of the Make It Count campaign to show another perspective to prospective students and parent(s)/guardian(s) of how Gustavus Adolphus College helped me to cultivate the frameworks needed to make an impact anywhere I have the privilege of being."    View the video and article here: ... Read more
Delostrinos with her leg lifted high behind her
Cheryl Delostrinos (BA, Dance, 2013) was in this month's publication of the UW College of Arts & Sciences Perspectives Newsletter. Read the article here: Destined to Dance
photo of studio in meany hall
The UW Department of Dance is excited to announce its recipients for the bst Residency. This is the first time the department has selected both winter and spring residents at once.  Winter Residency Recipients: Ella Mahler and Erica Badgeley.  Spring Residency Recipients: Jessica Jobaris and Angel 'Moonyeka' Langley.  About bst: bst is a residency offered by UW Department of Dance... Read more
Dance Crush
The 2018 DanceCrush Awards have been announced, honoring six local dance artists for performance and choreography.  This year's award recipients include two UW alumni, Fausto Rivera & Cheryl Delostrinos for their choreography and performance of Tequila con Miel y Limón  as well as department faculty member, Dani Tirrell for Dani's choreography and performance of Black Bois.  About DanceCrush:DanceCrush is SeattleDance's program designed to recognize and support achievements in... Read more