People - Faculty

Part-time Lecturer / 206-685-9579
Part-time Lecturer
Part-time Lecturer
Assistant Professor / (206) 543-4178 / Meany 255
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 2:00-2:30p
Lecturer, Staff Musician / MNY 261
Office Hours: by appointment
Shannon Narasimhan
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Office Hours: by appointment
Michael O'Neal Jr. (Majinn)
Part-time Lecturer
Office Hours: by appointment, before and after class
Associate Professor and Department of Dance Director, Donald E. Petersen Endowed Professor, Floyd and Delores Jones Endowed Chair in the Arts / (206) 543-5594 / Meany 256A
Office Hours: by appointment
Alia Swersky (photo: Jess Carter)
Part-time Lecturer / 206-349-4101
Office Hours: By Appointment
Hannah Wiley
Professor / (206) 543-7536 / Meany 262
Office Hours: Wednesday 12:30-1:30p