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Hilary Grumman (She/ Her)

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Hilary Grumman

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Hilary Grumman is a Seattle-based artist, educator, and community organizer. Drawing on training with international practitioners, and 12 years of personal floorwork research, Hilary co-founded Undercurrent in 2017 as a dance company committed to nurturing floorwork technique, experiential design, multi-media performance, and care-centered community building.After earning her BFA from CalArts, Hilary pursued floorwork training in Piso Móvil, Flying Low, Psico-Físico, RUBBERBAND, Jorge Crecis, Adam Barruch, Ihsan Rustem, Moving Air, Duela-Cemento, A Surprised Body, CONTINUUM, and Bodyparkour. Deepening her research, she was awarded an Annual Residency at Delfos Danza in Sinaloa, Mexico, a Season Residency at London Contemporary Dance School in the UK, and a Summer Festival Scholarship at ImPulsTanz in Vienna, Austria. Weaving these methods into her own investigations, she has cultivated a cohesive and injury-preventative approach to fluid floorwork sequencing, challenging inversions, and an immersive movement learning experience.Hilary teaches Undercurrent technique here at the University of Washington and over at Cornish College of the Arts. She leads pop-up workshops at dance organizations across the country, including Mark Morris Dance Center, Peridance Center New York, The Dance Complex Boston, Velocity Dance Center, Spectrum Dance Theater, Bodies of Empowerment SF, and the Seattle Festival of Dance + Improvisation. Since 2017, she has been an Artist in Residence at Fremont Abbey Arts Center, teaching 2-3 drop-in floorwork classes there per week. She has also hosted workshops with Nicole von Arx, Ground Grooves, Lavinia Vago, Elia Mrak, RUBBERBAND dancers, et al. She has performed in Seattle, Mazatlán, London, Vienna, Tijuana, Montreal, Lewiston, Valencia, and Los Angeles and her choreographic commissions include new works for CO—, Sessions in Place, The Round, Ode at Mini Mart City Park, Kaylee Elizabeth, Studio Current Sessions, Starbucks, and more.
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