Major Program

Learning Goals For The Dance Majors

  1. Understand dance as a cultural practice that reflects and impacts local communities and global cultures.
  2. Develop and practice analytic, evaluative, and contextual skills requisite to critical thinking, kinesthetic understanding, and personal growth.
  3. Develop and practice skills in rhythmic, movement and compositional analysis.
  4. Develop effective communication and research skills to promote and articulate a deeper understanding of dance practice and theory.
  5. Engage in personal assessment and reflective practices that encourage self-directed learning.
  6. Understand how basic principles of dance science and teaching methodologies can be applied to technical and aesthetic development.
  7. Recognize and expand creative, artistic, and intellectual potentials.

Dance Major

The Dance Major curriculum offers an in-depth study of dance as an art form and cultural practice. Students are given the opportunity to explore dance from several analytical and methodological frameworks: technical, creative, historical, cultural, aesthetic, pedagogical and scientific, resulting in a rigorous balance between creative work and academic study.

Department of Dance Admission Requirements:

Applicants who meet the following requirements are accepted during autumn, winter, spring and summer quarters on a rolling basis.

  1. Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA.
  2. Successful completion of six credits in any of the required core courses for the major.
  3. Be registered in or have successfully completed at least one technique course.

    Major Requirements

  • Must take all of the following
    • Dance 166** Dance Composition I (5 credits)
    • Dance 242 Music in Relation to Dance (3 credits)
    • Dance 250 Cross Cultural Dance (5 credits)
    • Dance 251 Creative Process (5 credits)
    • Dance 271 Dance Production Crew (1 credit)
    • Dance 493 Anatomy for Dance (5 credits)
  • Any one of the following
    • Dance 101 Dance and the American Experience (5 credits)
    • Dance 290 Forces and Figures in American Jazz Dance (3 credits)
    • Dance 344 Early Dance History (5 credits)
    • Dance 345 Contemporary Dance History (5 credits
  • Dance Technique (minimum 15 credits)
    Must have at least 15 credits at the 200 level or above representing at least four different movement idioms, selected from the following list or other approved special topics courses:
    • Dance 204-206/303-306/404-406  Modern Technique II, III, IV
    • Dance 201-203/301-303/401-403  Ballet Technique II, III, IV
    • Dance 210-212/310-312 Jazz Technique II, III
    • Dance 225 Tap Technique
    • Dance 231/241 Folk and Social Dance Forms
    • Dance 234 World Dance and Culture
    • Dance 236 Salsa and Latin Dance
    • Dance 237 Ballroom Dance
    • Dance 238 Swing Dance
    • Dance 239 Tango
    • Dance 245 Improvisation
    • Dance 324 Partnering Techniques
  • Electives (minimum 12 credits)
    Electives in the Dance Major may be choosen from a list provided by the adviser or students may work the adviser to create a unique list based on career goals and focus.  See advisor for more details. 
  • Total Department of Dance courses to complete the Dance Major: 54-56 Credits
  • Options in Creative Studies and Dance Studies available.  See adviser for details.

Completion Of The Major

A number of the courses required in the Dance Major are offered every other year. Consequently, a student should anticipate a minimum of two years to complete all coursework for the major. From his/her first quarter as a major, a student should work carefully with the Academic Advisor in order to pursue course work in a progression that will guarantee completion of the major in four years.

**The full comp series (Comp I plus 6 credits in Comp II and/or Comp III – both of which may be repeated) is required for those majors interested in choreographing for the Dance Majors Concert.