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Tracey Wong (she/her)

Part-Time Lecturer
Tracey Wong


Tracey Wong 黃麗塋 (she/her) is a queer Teochew-American dancer, educator, student, and community space holder. She was born and raised on Duwamish Land/ Seattle, WA in the Southend, Beacon Hill, Central District, and Chinatown-ID and is the daughter of loving parents who were refugees from Vietnam.

Throughout her past decade, Tracey has held spaces for and with community for the purpose of letting the people shine in their truth – from showcases, jams/ dance battles, dance parties, sessions, and workshops highlighting local, national and international dancers. Some sweet events include Queen of the Hill (2015-2018), an all-ladies dance event series and Punk N Funk (2017-2019), Seattle's largest Waacking/ Whacking battle, and House that Disco (2022). 

In 2022, Tracey was deemed a legend in the PNW kiki ballroom scene to honor her years of achievements of trophies and moments made in the ballroom scene. In 2017, Tracey was honored at Seattle House Dance Project in recognition for her community work and in 2020 as a Seattle Dance Crush. 

She has had the privilege to travel around the world to showcase, teach, judge, and compete and has won titles in Waacking such as Ladies of Hip Hop LA (2019), Waack, Crackle Lock (2019), and Vancouver Street Dance Festival (2018), in freestyle battles such as Vancity Get Lite 2v2 (2023), 4theluvofit (2022), and more. 

She would not be here today without the support of her loved ones and elders that have paved the way.