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Olivia Anderson

Class of 2023
Dance with Honors, Diversity (minor)
Olivia claps her hands and leans back in delight as they laugh


Olivia Anderson is graduating from UW with a BA in Dance with Honors and a minor in Diversity. She is a Mary Gates Research Scholarship recipient and the 2022 Evelyn H. Green Endowed Scholarship recipient. At UW, she has performed works by many lovely individuals such as Alethea Alexander, Brian J. Evans, Etienne Cakpo, Alia Swersky, Ronald K. Brown, Rachael Lincoln, Beth Terwilleger, Gary Champi, Dani Tirrell and Majinn O’Neal, among others. She has presented her own work in the Undergraduate Research Symposium, Dance Majors Concert, and BOOST Dance Festival. Outside of UW, she has danced professionally for Alicia Mullikin, Marlo Martin, Jenny Boissiere, Alice Gosti, and Dani Tirrell, among others. Olivia loves this dance department and is grateful for every moment spent with the wonderful people who pass through the halls of Meany! Keep an eye out for her performing with Chamber Dance Company next fall, Dani Tirrell’s work at the Moore Theater next spring, and various projects with EL SUEÑO Dance Company!

What is your favorite thing about majoring in dance at the UW?

The people! I have met (and keep meeting) amazing people in this community who just keep making me want to be a more full, joyful, authentic version of myself. I really miss getting to see everyone’s faces in the hallways. I‘m also really grateful for the connections I’ve made here that have opened doors for me in the broader Seattle dance scene. 

Why did you choose to major in dance? 

For me, majoring in dance is a way to spend more time doing something that I really love. The communities, the movement, the creative processes, the self-discovery, the endless learning... yeah. All of that! 

What advice would you offer to students considering the dance major? 

Do it!!! And don’t hesitate to reach out to people. 

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