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Dance Studio Guidelines

  • If for some reason you are unable to dance, inform the instructor before class to receive instructions for modified participation or observation. 
  • In the event of an injury, alert the instructor immediately. 
  • Everyday shoes that are worn outside are not allowed in the studios (except by permission in Studio 267) because they can drag dirt and debris that can damage the floor and cause injury.  Shoes worn for dance classes must only be worn in the studio.
  • Gum, beverages other than water, and food are not allowed in the studios because they can damage the dance floor and attract insects and rodents which can further damage the facilities; water in water bottles is permitted. 
  • Use the dressing rooms on the Lower Level to change clothes. Restrooms on the Upper Level are not to be used for changing because the number of restrooms on the Upper Level are limited and shared by everyone on the floor. 
  • All-gender single stall restrooms on the Lower Level (059 and 059D) can be used as changing spaces by all students. 
  • Be sure to lock all personal belongings in a locker during class. Theft is, unfortunately, an ongoing issue. See locker policies. 
  • Turn off or silence electronic devices before entering the studio so that the sounds from the devices do not interrupt the focus and concentration that is necessary for class.
  • Clothing must cover below the knee. Shorts above the knee without tights or leggings underneath are not permitted because the sweat and oil from the skin can get onto the floor, making it slippery. 
  • The wearing of oily lotions prior to class is discouraged, especially for classes that involve floor work because they make the floor slippery.
  • Redoing hairstyles in the studio is not permitted because hair can fall onto the studio floor, making the floor slippery and full of hair.
  • Studios are scent-free zones to make the spaces more inclusive and accessible to those with allergies to scents.  For this reason, please practice good hygiene but refrain from applying strongly scented products prior to class. 

*Instructors may also provide more specific studio guidelines for the particular traditions they are teaching in their classes.