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Locker Policies

Department of Dance Lockers

The Department of Dance maintains lockers in multiple locations throughout Meany Hall. Dance majors have the opportunity to receive an assigned locker for one academic year at a time. All other lockers are for day use only.

Day Use Lockers

  • Day use lockers are available on the upper level of Meany Hall outside of the dance studios, as well as designated (clearly marked) lockers in the locker rooms on the lower level. 
  • Day use lockers may be used by any student while participating in a studio-based dance course. 
  • These lockers are used on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Use is limited to the time a student is in a studio-based dance course, during building hours only. 
  • Students must provide their own locks at all times. 
  • Locks that are left after business hours will be cut and removed. 

Meany Hall Locker Rooms & Changing Spaces (Lower Level)

The Department of Dance maintains two locker rooms in the lower level of Meany Hall to be used by dance majors and other students enrolled in studio-based dance courses. Locker rooms include lockers as well as showers and changing space. 

Please note that restrooms on the upper level outside the dance studios should not be used for changing. 

Locker Room Codes

  •  All dance majors will be provided with an individualized access code to the locker room during the first week of classes. Codes for majors will be valid for one academic year (not including summer). See below for more information on use of assigned lockers.
  • Non dance major students enrolled in studio-based dance courses can get an access code from their instructor. Codes for non-majors will be valid only for the quarter in which they are enrolled. (Instructors will have access codes during the first week of classes, but not before.)

All-Gender / Universal Restrooms and Changing Spaces

Meany Hall Locker Rooms, and many restrooms, are currently marked “Women” and “Men”. However, single-occupancy restrooms are available on the lower level (Rooms 59C and 59D). These spaces may be used by anyone in lieu of the locker rooms. If you have any questions or concerns about locating or accessing these spaces -- or any other matter of inclusivity -- please reach out to your instructor or the department’s student services staff (

Locker Room Etiquette

  • To respect people’s privacy, do not use cell phones while in the locker room as the camera can be activated.
  • As security is an issue, do not share your code or open the door for anyone else. 
  • To allow space for others to change, please do not linger in the locker room.
  • Respect people’s personal space while changing.
  • Follow University COVID-19 safety and prevention guidance as well as the Department of Dance COVID-19 Prevention Plan; this includes no eating in the locker room as the locker room is not a designated eating area.

Dance Major Locker Assignment

Dance majors will be provided with an assigned locker (if they wish). Locker assignments will be valid for one year and will be available in the first week of classes (along with locker room access codes). Students must provide their own locks at all times. To get an assigned locker and for other questions or concerns, please contact the student services staff via 

Appropriate Use & Security

  • Keep it Safe!

    Always use a lock when using a locker. Never leave your property in an unlocked, unattended locker (including when using the shower). Lockers are located in public spaces (including hallways). The department is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Keep it Clean!

    Wet or soiled clothes and equipment should not be left in lockers. Make sure that personal items such as shampoo, soap, or other materials are securely stored to prevent spills and messes. Do your part to keep the department clean, presentable, and welcoming -- clean up after yourself and notify the department staff if there are any maintenance concerns. Notify the department immediately regarding any safety concerns.  

  • Keep it Appropriate!

    Perishables and controlled substances (e.g., alcohol, marijuana, etc.) are not permitted in department lockers at any time. Weapons of any kind are not permitted in department lockers at any time. Flammable, volatile, or other hazardous materials are not permitted in lockers at any time. The Department reserves the right to inspect lockers at any time to ensure the safety of all members of the department and university community.

We Are Here to Help

If you have any questions pertaining to the locker room and lockers, or if you encounter security or safety issues in any department facility, please make sure to notify the department. Tell your instructor or a TA, visit the department office (upper level, Meany Hall), or contact the student services staff (