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Jean Erdman: Creature on a Journey

Jean Erdman: Creature on a Journey
Jean Erdman: Creature on a Journey
Wiley, Hannah. Jean Erdman: Creature on a Journey, documentary DVD including performances contextualized with interviews and choreographic images.

Premiere Date: 1943
Music: Lou Harrison: Counterdance in the Spring
Costume Design: Jean Erdman
Lighting Design: Peter Bracilano
Staging: Nancy Allison
Costume Realization: Val Mayse
Rehearsal Direction: Hannah C. Wiley
Musicians: Steve Korn, Paul Moore,Brian Pfeifer
Dancers: Stephanie Liapis
Performance Date: October 2012
Performance Location: Meany Hall, University of Washington
Credits: DVD Documentary available
UW Library Research Guides- CDC Special Collection: Jean Erdman 

Documentary Available for Purchase: Jean Erdman: Creature on a Journey: A fantasy of preparations, voyages and arrivals 

This DVD documentary includes interviews with reconstructor Nancy Allison, dancers Stephanie Liapis and Megan Brunsvold, and musician Paul Moore. Rehearsal footage and photographs of Jean Erdman are included.

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