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Dances (In honor of Poznan, Wraclaw, Katowice and Warszawa)

Limón, José. Dances (In honor of Poznan, Wraclaw, Katowice and Warszawa). Dir. Hannah C. Wiley. Chamber Dance Company. Meany Theater, Seattle. 1991. Performance.

Title                                         Dances (in honor of Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, and Warszawa)
Choreography                          José Limón
Staging                                     Ann Vachon
Original costume design           Lavina Nielsen            
Costume design                       Paul Louey
Lighting design                        John Vadino
Rehearsal direction                  Hannah C. Wiley        
Music                                       Frederic Chopin
Musician                                  Michael Cava                          
Premier                                    1958
Performance date                    April 1991
Performance location              Meany Theater, University of Washington


Duet (Op. 41, no. 1)                Rhonda Summer, William Whitener
Solo (Op. 41, no. 2)                 Rip Parker
Solo (Op. 30, no. 2)                 Amy Ernst
Trio (Op. 33, no. 2)                 Dale Merrill, Rip Parker, William Whitener
Quartet (Op. 56, no. 1)            Amy Chavasse, Amy Ernst, Kara O’Toole, Rhonda Summer
Solo (Op. 17, no. 4)                 William Whitener
Duet (Op. 30, no. 4)                Amy Chavasse, Dale Merrill
Finale (Op. 30, no. 3)              Entire Company

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