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To Have and To Hold.

Wilson balances on his forearm on a bench defying gravity
Wilson Mendieta in "To Have and To Hold," By Danial Shapiro & Joanie Smith. Photo by Steve Korn.
Shapiro, Danial, and Joanie Smith. To Have and To Hold. Dir. Hannah C. Wiley. Chamber Dance Company. Meany Theater, Seattle. 2011. Performance.
Premiere Date: 1989
Music: Scott Killian
Costume Design: Shapiro & Smith Dance
Lighting Design: Peter Bracilano
Staging: Joanie Smith, Laura Selle Virtucio
Costume Realization: Deborah Skorstad
Rehearsal Direction: Hannah C. Wiley
Dancers: Alethea Sadie Alexander, Ryan Corriston, Christy McNeil, Wilson Mendieta, Brenna Monroe-Cook, Chengxin Wei
Performance Date: October 14, 2011
Performance Location: Meany Theater, University of Washington
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