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Weidman, Charles. Lynchtown. Dir. Hannah C. Wiley. Chamber Dance Company. Meany Theater, Seattle. 2009. Performance.
Premiere Date: 1936
Music: Lehman Engel
Costume Design: Deborah Carr
Lighting Design: Peter Bracilano
Staging: Deborah Carr
Costume Realization: Deborah Skorstad
Lighting Realization: Peter Bracilano
Rehearsal Direction: Hannah C. Wiley
Musicians: Paul Moore, Mark Oesterle
Dancers: The Inciter Elizabeth Lentz, Townspeople Alethea Sadie Alexander, Lristopher Brackebusch, Jacki Carter, Roxanne Foster, Jared Matson, Brenna Monroe-Cook, Consuelo Palmer-Bormann, Paula Peters, Fausto Rivera, David Lorence Schleiffers, Thomas Van Doren
Suite Title: Atavisms
Performance Date: October 25, 2009
Performance Location: Meany Theater, University of Washington
Credits: Lynchtown was made possible in part by a generous Exchange Grant from the College of Arts and Sciences
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