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First Fall

Brooks, Brian. First Fall. Dir. Hannah C. Wiley. Chamber Dance Company. Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Theater, Seattle. 2019. Performance.

Title                              First Fall
Choreography                         Brian Brooks
Staging                                   Brian Brooks, Carlye Eckert
Original costume design         Karen Young
Original lighting design         Joe Levasseur               
Lighting design                       Peter Bracilano
Rehearsal direction                 Brian Brooks, Hannah C. Wiley
Costume realization               Val Mayse
Music                                     Philip Glass, String Quartet No. 3, “Mishima”
Musicians                      Brooklyn Rider   
Premier                         2012
Performance date          October 10, 2019
Performance location             Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Theater, University of Washington
Dancers                         Sarah Lisette Chiesa, Brian J. Evans

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