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Tango II Placement Criteria

Criteria for Placement into Tango II: Dance 339, Intermediate Tango Technique 

  1. Be able to dance the following moves on one's own, with control, balance, and technique characteristic of tango: 
    • Forward ochos
    • Backward ochos
    • Molinete/ giro 
  2. Be able to lead/initiate and follow/interpret the following moves with control, balance, technique characteristic of tango, and sensitivity to a partner:
    • Walking 
    • Salida basica
    • Cruzada
    • Back and forward ochos
    • Ocho cortado 
    • Forward ochos with pasadas
    • Sanguichito
    • Turns to the right and left (in close embrace and open embrace) 
  3. Be able to lead/initiate and follow/interpret an improvisational combination of the above moves with a partner for a full song of tango music.