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Beth Twigs (she/her)

Graduate Student, Department of Dance
Beth Terwilleger

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Beth Twigs (she/her) grew up in Santa Cruz, California, and always felt free to allow her imagination to thrive. She spent her early childhood years creating worlds, theatrical performances, and dance extravaganzas. At a young age she was introduced to ballet and immediately fell in love. So driven by this new passion, she forgot her roots were truly planted in creation and not personal performance. After spending ten years with Ballet Austin in Texas and freelancing in San Francisco and London, she has re-found her roots here in Seattle and has spent the past few years passionately exploring, generating, and supporting dance works here in this city through her company, The Gray. She had once thought that this imaginative part of her brain was left in those childhood years but is excited to have found that it does still exist through her choreographic practice.