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Jeremy Zihao Yuan (he/him)

Graduate Student, Department of Dance
Jeremy Yuan

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Friday 10:30-12:30pm or by appointment


Jeremy Zihao Yuan is a creative, collaborative, driven artist with a diverse background in dance education, dance performance, and dance making. He is a dancer, choreographer, and instructor based in Seattle, WA. He has a BFA in Dance (2016) and will be receiving his MFA in dance from the University of Washington (2024) where he is currently a predoctoral lecturer.

Jeremy has taught Chinese Classical & Folk Dance, Ballet, and Modern & Contemporary Dance in both China and the USA. In his career as a dancer, he has performed extensively, touring the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, and Hongkong. In his choreography, he integrates Eastern and Western dance cultures to create unique works. In 2018, when he first moved to the USA, he created large-scale competition dances for many dance studios.

Jeremy is involved in both Eastern and Western dance forms, which makes him an artistic dance ambassador who is committed to cross-cultures in the world of dance, he believes that everything is connected. In his faith, dance is a bridge between the different cultural souls. Dance connects all individuals. Dance helps him build a multicultural and creative world. Dance is in his muscles, bones, and blood. He always strives to give back to the dance community through his creativity, performance, and teaching of dance.