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DANCE 239 A: Tango

Meeting Time: 
TTh 12:30pm - 2:20pm
MNY 267
Portrait of Juliet McMains
Juliet McMains

Syllabus Description:

Download Full Syllabus:  dan239syllabus_16.docx

Course Description: This course will offer instruction in Argentine tango dancing. It will also include a brief introduction to tango vals and milonga. Students should expect to learn about tango dance and music history in addition to acquiring physical dance skills. The course will primarily focus on studio practice, but will also include some reading and writing assignments as well as an outing for social dancing.

Historically, tango dancing has most often been practiced in male/female couples with roles chosen based on gender—men leading and women following. Responding to (and in some cases facilitating) changes in gender and sexual expression in broader society, tango dancing is now often practiced in same-sex and open-role partnerships. No prejudice based on gender will be tolerated in this class, and everyone will be expected to partner everyone else in the class. Each new partner has much to teach us about ourselves. You will primarily be responsible for learning the role assigned to the section for which you are registered, but I will occasionally ask you to dance the other role. For those of you with previous dance experience, I encourage you to work on learning both roles.

Course Objectives:

Students successfully engaging course material should:

  1. Learn basic step patterns in Argentine tango
  2. Develop skills in leading or following
  3. Develop skills in tango dance technique execution
  4. Gain understanding of tango dance and music history
  5. Develop skills in interpreting tango music
Catalog Description: 
Provides instruction in tango dancing. Focuses on milogeuro and salon style Argentine tango. Introduces tango Nuevo, tango vals, and milonga. Primarily focuses on studio practice. Includes some reading and writing assignments, introduction to tango dance and music history, and an outing for social dancing.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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