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Courses - Autumn 2022

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Autumn 2022

DANCE Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
DANCE 100 A Understanding Dance 13725 Lucie Baker to be arranged
DANCE 102 A Introduction To Contemporary Modern Dance 13726 Lucie Baker MWF 9:00am - 10:20am
DANCE 102 B Introduction To Contemporary Modern Dance 13727 Abdiel Jacobsen MWF 1:00pm - 2:20pm
DANCE 103 A Introduction To Ballet 13728 Beth Twigs TTh 2:30pm - 3:50pm
DANCE 103 B Introduction To Ballet 13729 Alethea Alexander TTh 9:00am - 10:20am
DANCE 104 A Beginning Contemporary Modern Technique 13730 Noel Price-Bracey TTh 8:30am - 10:20am
DANCE 166 A Introduction To Contemporary Dance Making 13732 Jennifer Salk MTWThF 2:30pm - 4:20pm
DANCE 201 A Intermediate Contemporary Ballet Technique 13733 Beth Twigs TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
DANCE 204 A Intermediate Contemporary Modern Technique 13734 Noel Price-Bracey TTh 12:30pm - 2:20pm
DANCE 230 A Mindful Movement 13735 Diana Garcia-Snyder MWF 2:30pm - 3:50pm
DANCE 238 A Swing Dance 13738 Ben White TTh 12:30pm - 2:20pm
DANCE 239 A Tango 13739 Juliet McMains MWF 2:30pm - 4:20pm
DANCE 244 A Movement Practices: Special Topics 13740 Miguel Balllumbrosio MW 10:30am - 12:20pm
DANCE 245 A Improvisation In Postmodern And Contemporary Dance 13742 Jenn Pray TTh 12:30pm - 2:20pm
DANCE 271 A Dance Production Crew 13744 to be arranged
DANCE 280 A African Dance Techniques 13745 Etienne Cakpo MWF 4:30pm - 6:20pm
DANCE 286 A Special Topics In Street And Club Dances 13746 Abdiel Jacobsen TTh 4:30pm - 6:20pm
DANCE 286 B Special Topics In Street And Club Dances 13747 Michael O'Neal MWF 4:30pm - 6:20pm
DANCE 301 A Advanced Contemporary Ballet 13748 Alana Isiguen MWF 10:30am - 12:20pm
DANCE 301 B Advanced Contemporary Ballet 13749 Hannah Wiley TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
DANCE 304 A Advanced Contemporary Modern Technique 13751 Gary Champi MWF 12:30pm - 2:20pm
DANCE 417 A Dance Honors Thesis 13754 Hannah Wiley to be arranged
DANCE 450 A Dance Internship 13755 to be arranged
DANCE 493 A Anatomy For Dance 13758 Hannah Wiley MW 8:30am - 10:20am
DANCE 493 AA Anatomy For Dance 13759 Hannah Wiley F 8:30am - 9:20am
DANCE 493 AB Anatomy For Dance 13760 Hannah Wiley F 9:30am - 10:20am
DANCE 499 A Undergraduate Independent Study 13761 Juliet McMains to be arranged
DANCE 510 A Chamber Dance Production 13762 Rachael Lincoln Th 10:30am - 12:20pm
DANCE 516 A Research Methods II 13763 Juliet McMains T 10:30am - 12:20pm
DANCE 520 A Dance In Higher Education 13765 Hannah Wiley MF 12:30pm - 2:20pm
DANCE 530 A Graduate Dance Composition 13766 Rachael Lincoln MWF 10:30am - 12:20pm
DANCE 600 A Independent Study Or Research 13767 Hannah Wiley to be arranged