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Leading Edge Arts Research: Dance Faculty Awards

Submitted by Lisa Kwak on January 21, 2020 - 4:34pm
stary sky

This winter several of the Dance faculty have received significant research grants. Rachael Lincoln was awarded the Royalty Research Fund; she also received the Mellon Faculty Fellow in the Arts with her partner in research Jeffrey Fracé. In addition, Alethea Alexander, Hannah Wiley, and Juliet McMains were each awarded Faculty Research Grants from the Kreielsheimer Arts Endowment. Congratulations to them all! 

About the Royalty Research FundThe purpose of the Royalty Research Fund is to advance new directions in research, particularly in disciplines for which external funding opportunities are minimal, for faculty who are junior in rank, and in cases where funding may provide unique opportunities to increase applicants’ competitiveness for subsequent funding. 

About the Kreielsheimer Arts Endowment: The Kreielsheimer Arts Endowment  was established with the goal of enhancing academic excellence and producing a permanent and profound impact on the quality and visibility of the arts at the University of Washington.