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Tori Siddall

Class of 2020
Dance | Drama
Tori Siddall smiles in front of yellow trees.


Majors in Dance and Drama

Tori Siddall is a Northwest Florida native that has traveled the US with her husband and sweet pup.  She attended Boise State University for almost two years training in Theatre and Dance under Gordon Reinhart and Marla Hansen. While at Boise State Tori had the opportunity to create dance pieces in two different University sponsored dance concerts, Cosmic Capers and Experidance. She also starred in a film by Ashley Able called The Wind which debuted at several film festivals in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Drama and Dance at the University of Washington. Tori grew up singing and performing with her sisters and has been a part of several bands throughout the years ranging in forms and styles. She pursued vocal training for several semesters at Boise State University and The Baptist College of Florida. She has competed in West Coast Swing and loves any chance she gets to join local dance communities where she can explore other social styles including ballroom and Latin. Tori is a story teller at heart who loves to connect with people. The arts have always provided her the avenues to fulfill this love and through every experience her passion for performance only grows. Her greatest desire is to use the performing arts as a medium to break down walls between and within people, bring freedom to the bound and share the greatest love there is. She feels the highest honor and responsibility when stepping on a stage where she is entrusted to share someone’s story and vision. After graduation from the University of Washington in June of 2020 she plans to pursue opportunities in film and musical theatre.

Favorite Moment at the UW: 

To narrow down my favorite memories to one moment would be cutting my whole experience short. There has been many extremely personal, enlightening and growing experiences within classes and with other dance students. To highlight some would be to mention the "joy search," and therapy that occurred in the cyphers with my classmates in Dani’s Street Styles Class. Another would be, pouring my heart out to Kelly in her office and finding love and support in return. Another moment is the freedom I found and the skills I discovered as an artist in Jen’s Creative Process class. My last one that stands out so vividly is discovering my voice as a person and artist alongside my fellow students in Brian’s Dancing Voice class. I could not have asked for a better last experience at UW’s Dance department, what a true gift it was! Big thanks and love to all the faculty and students, and may others have just as deep and enlightening experience as I did.