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dani tirrell; Choreographer, Dancer, Movement Guide 

Submitted by Lisa Kwak on June 3, 2021 - 3:43pm

To celebrate and to recognize that the contributions of Black Americans should be appreciated beyond the month of February, the Department of Dance is using its website and social media platforms to spotlight different Black dance artists in the greater Seattle area throughout the year of 2021. Former features include:  Kine Camara, Monica Rojas Stewart, and Manimou Camara.

Today, we celebrate dani tirrell. 

dani's hands and ropes cover dani's head

dani tirrell (uses name for pronouns) 

dani tirrell (Seattle, WA), Seattle’s Mayor Arts Award recipient 2019, is a Black, Trans Spectrum, Queer choreographer, dancer, and movement guide. dani has guided people in Detroit and Seattle as well as sharing movement practices in other cities in the United States. Currently, dani is the curator for Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas (Seattle). dani is the host and co-creator of several online talk programs- Sunday Dinner, The Living Room, and Intimate Conversations.

  • Website:
  • Cashapp: danit74 
  • Venmo: @danny-Long-5
  • Social Media: @danitirrell 

dani dancing in long black dress

         ropes draped around dani against a wall

What does being Black mean to you? How does Blackness inform your art ?

My Blackness is proof that my ancestors loved me enough to keep fighting. My Blackness is about storytelling and keeping our voices alive. My Blackness moves through whatever I create, it does not hinder what I create it only enhances it.

What inspired you to become a dancer?

My family are dancers. They trained in the community, we learned from each other.

What is one thing you would tell the younger version of you based on what you have learned on your journey?

Your words can be a weapon or a place of love, use it with much thought, but never be silent. 

What do you hope your legacy will be? 

 I want people to define that not me. I want others to share the good and bad of their interactions with me.

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