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Studio Reservation Guidelines

Our online reservation system can be accessed by anyone with a valid UW NetID. The optimal web browser for accessing and viewing the calendar is FireFox.

Policies for Studio Reservation

  • Reserve space online before using – even if done at last minute.
  • Include what you are working on with your name (FDC, Class Prep, Research, etc…). Include an email and phone number in the description. 
  • If you are Willing To Share (WTS) please indicate that next to your name. If you do not see WTS next to a reservation name – DO NOT ask someone to share. 
  • Faculty and Grad Student Changes/Deletions should be made as soon as possible to any existing reservations. If you have problems, contact for help.
  • Undergraduate students who need to change and/or delete reservations need to contact immediately to have these processed. Failing to do so will result in a warning. Multiple failures will result in suspension of studio privileges.  
  • Students and Student Groups can reserve NO MORE than a quarter in advance (and should be aware that bumping privileges are applicable).
  • Dance Majors may NOT reserve space for students/groups from outside the department without prior consent from the department. Doing so without consent may result in suspension of reservation privileges.
  • Reservations may be bumped out of a studio based on priority. Those doing the bumping should contact the bumpee directly and change the reservation accordingly.  If you need help finding a contact email or changing a reservation, please contact 
  • Keys for studios need to be returned promptly. Failure to return keys in a timely manner may result in suspension of reservation privileges. If you need keys for evening, weekend, and holiday reservations, see the advisor in Meany 258.

Prioritization for the Studios

  1. Courses
  2. Concert of a given quarter
    Summer – CDC
    Autumn – CDC, then UW Dance Presents
    Winter – UWDP, then DMC
    Spring – MFA
  3. Student Organization Special Events (Influx, Workshops, etc… MUST HAVE PRIOR APPROVAL OF FACULTY and only student organizations with a Dance Department faculty mentor are eligible)
  4. Faculty Research
  5. Graduate Students 
  6. Undergrad Honors Research (max 4 hours, max 2 reservations – special allowance for concert quarter and honors)
  7. Undergraduate Students (max 4 hours, max 2 reservations)
  8. Student Organizations with a faculty mentor in the department.  All other student groups need a Dance Major representative for whom they will use their allocated 4 hours per week.