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Creative Work

  • Pablo precariously balances on the front of his toes as he leans backwards,  hinging at the hips with his arms raised high above his head. He is wearing a white blouse and black pants.
  • Wilson balances on his forearm on a bench defying gravity
  • Marte lunges sideways on top of a wooden bench, with his arms and focus stretching upwards to his left. His hands are supinated, as if receiving the faint glow that is above. He is shirtless and in blue leggings.
  • Jason swings Storme up so that Storme is totally horizontal in the air. They look at each other. Both are dressed in shades of beige and gray.
  • People Like You, by Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters
  • Lady in red shirt and lipstick with wire basket and foam hair curlers on head.

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