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Chorus of One

Alexander, Alethea, Bradshaw-Yerby, Alexandra, Mlasowsky, Anna. Chorus of One. Glass sculpture and dance performance at Annual Glasstastic! show. Bellevue Arts Museum. Bellevue, WA. November 2018-April 2019.

Chorus of One is a wearable sound object, producing multiple tones when activated by a single performer. The wearable was created after the facets of a found rock. Each scale of the cloak is a face of the rock, the dimensions were kept from the original rock. The type of glass used for the creation of this object was a material developed for body armor by Corning Inc. as a specialty glass product for the military, which Anna Mlasowsky got to use during her Specialty Glass residency in 2016. The glass is called Rhino glass and it is extremely shatter resistant. 

Anna became interested in how a shield is also an inhibiter. As protection both a boundary and border. It inhibits movement but also communication. Performance, dance and music are the opposite of a protective layer. Chorus of One is an object that possess both, inhibiting and extending.

Dancing in Anna's garment is dangerous and thrilling, familiar and completely alien. Edges that can pierce also make delicate songs. Thunder builds from the knees and resonates off of walls. Performing Chorus of One is an investigation that tests and tastes the qualities of bodily forces as they are amplified and curtailed by a skin that is simultaneously a shield and an adversary.

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