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Katie Frances Daugherty

Class of 2020, Dance
Katie Daugherty


Katie Daugherty is a Seattle-based movement artist passionate about performing and creating new works. This June she will be receiving her B.A. with a major in dance from the University of Washington (UW). Over the last four years at UW she served as the president of the UW Dance Student Association from 2017-2019, was the Director’s Assistant for the Chamber Dance Company in 2018, and was the recipient of the Evelyn H. Green Endowed Scholarship in 2019. Katie has performed in the Seattle International Dance Festival, UW Dance Presents​ and UW MFA Dance Concert​. Her work has been performed at the National High School Dance Festival in Pittsburgh, PA and in the 2018-2020 UW Dance Majors Concerts. She has had the honor of working with artists such as Alethea Alexander, Brian Brooks,​ Alexandra Bradshaw-Yerby, Rachael Lincoln, Juliet McMains, Adele Nickel, Jennifer Salk, and Hannah Wiley.

Favorite Moment at the Department of Dance

During the composition series my freshman year, I was in an improvisational score that changed my whole understanding of dancing and revealed a new depth for the love I had for improvisational dance and performing with others. Thank you, Megumi and Rachael, for this gift!