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MFA Dance Concert Audition 

March 8, 2021 - 11:50pm
women in pink dresses hold hands
"Singing Over the Bones," Choreographed by Lucie Baker. Warren Woo Photography. Dancers: Gal Snir, Madison Bristol, Mariko Orii, Chloe Miller, Megumi Hosaka, Madison Bristol.

In lieu of a live audition, we invite students to fill out this information form and submit videos here. The google form lists all guidelines and instructions for the videos to be submitted. The deadline for submissions is Monday March 8th, 2021 by 11:59 PM. For questions, please contact Alana Isiguen

Students do NOT have to be a dance major or minor to take part in the production, and if cast they are able to enroll for 1 credit.

About the Choreographers & Concepts 

Yebel Gallegos, in collaboration with the dancer(s), will be creating either a solo or a duet. My early feelings about the work is that it will mirror much of what occupies my mind these days. The words transition, growth, patience, nostalgia, and hope come immediately to mind. The work, as it always does, will unveil itself as we go and therefore, I invite and encourage the dancers' thoughts throughout the process.

Alexander Olivieri, will be making a piece in collaboration with the dancer(s). Dancers are invited to move with a love for both floor work and upright dancing. Risk-taking and emotional embodiment in choice-making are important in our creative process. I look forward to working with you!

Roel Seeber will be making a film focusing primarily on Vertical Dance, and will also incorporate off rope material. The piece will center around color and lack of color as a metaphor for joy and misery. I will work with possibly 4 dancers.

Alia Swersky, in collaboration with the dancers and composer Jonathan Rodriguez will be creating a site-specific film (outdoors). The environment of the site in collaboration with the sound will lead to a collage of texture, color (costuming), and the body in relationship to the site. Movers should be open to exploring various time bases movements -- from glacial to explosive burst of physical expression. This will be a collaborative process where dancers will be expected to respond and generate material from image prompts, scores/physical structures, and their personal curiosities/investments in the creative process.