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Call for Dancers: UW Dance Presents

October 12, 2020 - 11:55pm
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While following COVID-19 protocols and safety guidelines means that our concerts will look different this year, we will be no less active in creating new work. For UW Dance Presents, in place of a live concert we will be presenting a digital evening of dance pieces in January 2021.

In lieu of a live audition, we invite you to fill out this information form and submit videos here.

The deadline for submissions is Monday October 12th, 2020 by 11:59 PM.

If you have any questions, please contact Alana Isiguen

About the Choreographers and their Concepts:

Juliet McMains will be making a dance film about partnering in quarantine and is looking for 2-4 students who are interested in collaborating on generating movement ideas (any genre) and helping to scout locations for filming. Partnering can be interpreted broadly (with an object, an idea, a limitation, or a person), and students who are in quarantine with someone who wants to co-collaborate are encouraged to participate.
Jen Salk will be making choreographic gifts, collaborating with 'Majinn' Mike O’Neal and students, to give as offerings to people who are special to us: artists in the community, family members, teachers who had an impact, mentors, leaders. The films will be presented for the digital evening of UW Dance Presents with the “gift-receivers” permission.
Looking for adventurous dancers of any style. Minimum two quarters of dance technique (any style). Solos and possibly socially distanced group work, choreographed and filmed in a variety of environments in Seattle. Dances will be made in collaboration with the students, 'Majinn' Mike O’Neal,  and with composer and musician Paul Moore.

Rachael Lincoln, in collaboration with the dancers, will be making a short, site-specific film as a choreographic gift to offer to people who are meaningful to us: artists in the community, family members, teachers who had an impact, mentors, leaders, etc. It will be collaboratively made, personal, and entirely dependent on the people involved. Looking for 2-5 dancers.

Rujeko Dumbutshena will be creating a neo traditional/contemporary African piece, using a collaborative approach with students. For instance, we might improvise to a specific polyrhythmic pattern or deconstruct a traditional African phrase. Students should be comfortable or interested in exploring and playing with rhythm. Looking for approximately 3 dancers.

Alana Isiguen will be creating a work in the contemporary ballet style, influenced by jazz, emphasizing rhythm and space. Based on the idea of connection: oddities, lack thereof, desire, loss, silver linings, I will work collaboratively with the students (perhaps 3-5), and the piece will consist of solos, a duet, and “group” work through film editing. I would like to film different solos in different places -- site specific both outside and inside, and also on Meany stage. Will collaborate with Devin Munoz to create the film.