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Taylor Crow

Class of 2021
Taylor smiles as their long blonde hair falls over their bare shoulders. The sun shines brightly in the cloudless blue sky behind them.


Major: Dance, Minor: Acting

I am so grateful for all the insight my dance education has brought from my time at the UW. I carry all that I've learned from my time here every day and almost every choice I make is influenced by what I learned in college. I'm currently living in Miami with my boyfriend and hairless kitten. I can't wait to see where this city takes me and what I learn next!

What is your favorite thing about majoring in Dance at the UW? 

My favorite thing about majoring in Dance at the UW is how open-minded many of my instructors have been and the broad outlook to creating art they foster in each of their students. 

Why did you choose to major in Dance? 

I chose to major in Dance because it just felt right. I was deciding between a Drama major and a Dance major as means of fulfilling my passion for musical theater, and I found that the Dance major had a more holistic approach to teaching to create art than did the Drama major. I’ve also been introduced to a more diverse array of cultures thanks to the Dance program, and for that I am forever grateful.

What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

Any class with Juliet!

What are your goals for post-graduation?

To dance it up in Miami! To immerse myself in Spanish-speaking communities while practicing Latin dance and street styles, finding an agent, and seeking out paid jobs in the field of dance and performance with a regular day job. I can't wait to start taking salsa again and look forward to diving into flamenco as well.

What advice would you offer to students considering a major in Dance?

My advice to anyone considering majoring in dance is to analyze the importance of art in their life. There is no right or wrong way to move, so don’t let experience or technique influence your decision to major in dance or not. If you like to move, enjoy creating stuff, or are interested in learning about cultures different from your own, I assure you you’ll find value in the Dance major.