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Haley Rundorff

Class of 2023
Dance |Biology
Haley smiles as they rest their forehead on their right fist. They are wearing green and there are bright trees behind them.


Haley grew up in Edmonds, where she was trained to be a versatile dancer, studying ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, lyrical, tap, and pop styles at Barclay Shelton Dance Centre from age eight through eighteen. In high school, she also joined her school dance team, where she choreographed and taught as a captain for three years. Haley is graduating with degrees in Biology and Dance with honors. Haley presented her research on the neuroscience of emotion and movement at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in Spring 2022.

What is your favorite thing about majoring in dance at UW?

My favorite thing is that it provides space for dance to remain a significant portion of my life at UW. Honestly, dance is really important for me to maintain my mental health, especially during the school year, so to have significant time during the week dedicated to dancing and thinking about dance in the midst of my otherwise STEM-heavy schedule has made college so much more enjoyable for me.

Why did you choose to major in dance?

I've been dancing for most of my life, and I knew that I wasn't ready to let go of it. Even though I wasn't sure yet what role dance would play in my future, I decided to continue pursuing dance alongside neuroscience because I am passionate about both and I wanted to see where they would lead me.

What advice would you offer to students considering the dance major?

Take a few technique classes, take an academic dance class, and get involved in the shows put on by the dance department and Dance Student Association to see what you think. I'd also recommend talking to our advisor, Kelly Canaday, if you're thinking at all about becoming a dance major or minor. She's an amazing resource for everything related to the dance program, from planning and scheduling to just bouncing ideas around. 

What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

Choreographing and performing my piece I created for Influx in fall of 2022.

What plans or goals do you have for post-graduation?

Preparing to apply for nursing school and dancing professionally.