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Alexa Claps

Class of 2022
Nutrition (minor)
Alexa Claps


Alexa Ray is a professional singer, actor, and dancer in the Seattle area. Alexa started off as a salsa and musical theatre jazz dancer before expanding her knowledge of dance at the University of Washington. Her heart still belongs to salsa and bachata and she is forever grateful for the Latin dance community. She teaches salsa, bachata, reggaetón, ballet, and hip hop dance and fitness classes through the UW Seattle IMA and has private lessons. Alexa has recently started her career as a personal trainer and specializes in senior fitness and rehabilitation. You can find her at various Latin dance socials or singing retro classics with Naomi Morgan Entertainment in their Singing for Seniors and The Memphis Belles performance groups. Alexa is so thankful for the amazing people she has met through the Department of Dance and is thrilled to see where dance takes her next!

What is one of your favorite moments from your time with the Department of Dance?

Getting to perform on stage for UW Dance Presents, DMC, and the MFA Concert! Each piece was so different from the next and I truly grew as a dancer through performing.

What plans or goals do you have for post-graduation?

I will be working as a personal trainer and performing professionally as a singer and dancer with Naomi Morgan Entertainment