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From Gravity- Defying to Spiritual: The Duality of DANCE 232 

Submitted by Lisa Kwak on February 16, 2021 - 4:01pm
Roel Seeber hangs sideways from the ceiling in a harness.
Photo: Jessica Swanson, Dancer: Roel Seeber

Read about our Winter 2021 course sections of DANCE 232: Intermediate Alternative Movement Studies in The Daily article written by Ariana Sutherland: 

From gravity-defying to spiritual: The duality of DANCE 232

Choosing which section of a class to take can be a difficult decision on an ordinary basis. For DANCE 232: Intermediate Alternative Movement Studies, this choice will have you either flipping through the air in a harness, or meditatively and mindfully learning the patterns of your body’s movement... While these distinct iterations of DANCE 232 will be going their separate ways in the near future, the sections remain, for now, two distant sides of the same alternative movement coin.

Read the full Daily article here.

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