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Notice of Changes to Ballet and Modern Classes 

Submitted by Lisa Kwak on September 12, 2019 - 4:21pm
A little girl in ballet clothing standing at a wall

The Department of Dance is making the following changes in ballet and modern offerings to represent more accurately how these courses are configured and how they fit into the major that was revised in Winter 2015. 

1) Ballet technique is now called Contemporary Ballet Technique

2) Modern technique is now called Contemporary Modern Technique

3) In both idioms the 100-level courses are now titled “beginning”; 200-level courses are now titled “intermediate”; and, 300-level courses are now titled “advanced.”

4) A student may study one idiom at the same level for over two years to gain the knowledge and skill required to enroll in the next level; to accommodate this, the maximum credits that may be applied toward graduation is being increased for each level. Students who enter the UW at the 300-level will now be able to receive credit for four years at that level.

5) These changes eliminate the need for 400-level courses in contemporary ballet and contemporary modern techniques; these courses no longer exist.