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Dani Tirrell Receives Mayor's Arts Award  

Submitted by Lisa Kwak on September 3, 2019 - 12:41pm
Dani Tirrell

Congratulations to UW Department of Dance faculty member Dani Tirrell on receiving the 2019 Mayor’s Arts Award from the Office of Arts & Culture Seattle. 

The Mayor’s Arts Awards recognize the accomplishments of artists committed to enriching their communities through the arts. This year, five awardees including Dani, were selected from a large pool of nominations  based on the following aspirations: furthering racial equity and social justice, exemplifying artistic excellence, a leader in the field, emerging artistic voice, cultural icon, innovation incubator, fights for justice in arts education. 

At the UW, Dani served  as the student advisor for the inaugural year of the  Arts Diversity Council (ADC). Dani teaches Street and Club Dance technique and composition. As the advisor for ADC, Dani was instrumental in facilitating discussions around race and equity in the department. Dani has played a pivotal role in helping the department reflect on ways to improve policy and culture to better cohere with its commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

Dani’s courses are always at full capacity, with many students having to wait multiple quarters for a chance to enroll. Often when Dani’s courses are in session, sounds of laughter, and cheers from students encouraging each other can be heard in the hallways. Joy and community are essential parts of Dani’s class culture, and many students express having made self discoveries and feeling empowered while in Dani’s course. 

Dani will be teaching Street and Club  Dance Technique (Dance 286) Fall Quarter, and will be choreographing with UW Alum, faculty member Michael O’Neal,  for the annual department concert, UW Dance Presents, in January of 2020.

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