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Jiaqi “Kyki” Li: Challenging the Mind & Body

Submitted by Cynthia Mullis on June 14, 2018 - 11:51am
Jiaqi “Kyki” Li
Jiaqi “Kyki” Li

Watch Kyki Li move across a dance floor and you know you’re seeing something special. An international student from China, Kyki brings power, grace, and thoughtful reflection to her art—and all other parts of her life. During her time at the UW, Kyki has completed two majors, pursued dance research, been a writing tutor, participated in study abroad programs, and performed in many dance concerts.

Li graduated in June 2018 with a BA in Dance and Anthropology. “Everything I learned over the past four years has been pivotal and preparational for what is coming next,” Li says. “The resilience, the passion, the ability to work hard, the ability to learn to check in with myself, the ability to adapt…all of those are transferable skills that will be very important no matter where I go.”

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