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Petra Zanki and Amber Willett recipients of the bst residency at UW Dance this month!

Submitted by Kris Bain on December 6, 2016 - 5:37pm
Petra Zanki
Petra Zanki
Amber Willett
Amber Willett

What is bst?

Dance makers express an interest in the opportunity to experiment, make mistakes, revise ideas, and remain purely focused on the creative process without the pressure that accompanies commissioned works or performance deadlines. This program is designed to support local dance artists by offering the gift of space and time during the Dance Program’s “off” times, when formal classes are not in session. We have large, beautiful studios with sound systems, and with or without mirrors. We seek to support dance artists in the making of new work and in the exploration of original ideas that may or may not culminate in a performance or methodology. We support innovative ideas while nurturing the vibrant Seattle dance community. Artists at all stages of their careers may apply.


In exchange, at some time in the following year artists are asked to give back to the undergraduate program by either offering a workshop or series of classes, or by creating or reimagining/reconstructing a dance on our undergraduate students. Other ideas are welcome.


Due to the success of our first residency, we will be selecting two applicants this year. We hope to expand and offer this opportunity to more people in the future.


Studios will be available from 9:00AM – 9:00PM. If you are chosen, we will ask you to develop a set schedule of your studio usage so we can monitor access to the space and the building. For your safety and building security you will be asked to comply with our standard security precautions and maintenance procedures.


What bst is not:

We are not offering people classroom space, teaching space, or community based project space. Your use of the studios should generate no revenue. This is meant for individual artists and companies to develop ideas.