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Dance with a Spirit of Anarchy

Submitted by Kris Bain on October 6, 2016 - 12:04pm
Carnation by Lucinda Childs. Dancer: Leslie Kraus
Dance with a Spirit of Anarchy

In the 1960s, a collective of New York City dancers, composers, and visual artists pushed the boundaries of dance, creating works with a spirit of anarchy and permissiveness. Known as Judson Dance Theatre — a nod to the Judson Memorial Church in which the collective performed — the group’s experiments gave rise to postmodern dance. Now the Chamber Dance Company, the UW’s resident dance company, will perform works from Judson Dance Theatre’s first decade in a concert on October 13-16.

The Chamber Dance Company (CDC), founded by UW dance professor Hannah Wiley, is composed of former professional dancers pursuing an MFA degree in dance. It is one of few companies in the nation committed to preserving modern dance history by performing works of historic and artistic significance.  Here Wiley answers questions about the upcoming concert. Read more

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